Should PE be counted towards the GPA?

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

By: Madison Beukema

Art, Choir, Band and Woods are accredited on our GPA but not PE. We go to class every day, do our best and we are required to take it. So, the question is: Why isn’t PE accredited on the GPA? Most people do believe that it should.

First, PE is just like any other class in which students show up to every day. Students show up because it’s their responsibility, and if they don’t it affects their grade. If music, art, woods and etc. is graded and counts toward the GPA, then why not gym? Just like all other electives, fine and liberal arts, Physical Education is important to learn too. Some parents believe it is important to be exposed to as many different areas as possible in order to be well educated. Good health is very important, especially in today’s society.

Second, students do try their best in PE just like any other required class in high school. PE is graded, so students do try, but they feel as if they should be getting more credit than received. Most of the schools around the Des Moines area do receive a credit for PE. So why aren’t we? Some students are book smart, where as some may be physical smart, so why do we punish those students for being good at something else?

Finally, PE is required for graduation in many states, not just Iowa. If PE is going to be required than I think we should get a credit for it, even if its ½ credit a semester. Most students believe all classes should be counted in the GPA, especially those that are required for graduation, including PE. Students, including me, want to take more classes and actually get more credits for graduation, but we can’t because we have to take PE. If we got a credit for PE, it would also help students achieve the required credits for graduation. Some students can get out of PE, but only if they have a full schedule, or if they are in a sport for that quarter. If we’re going to be required to take PE, then I think everyone should have to take PE/Weight Lifting.

In conclusion, I believe PE and/or Weight Lifting should be counted towards the GPA. I believe this because students go to it every day, try their best and its required for graduation. I believe PE should be at least ½ credit a semester. Why are kids required to take PE if they don’t get credit for it?


  1. AMEN SISTA’. preach itttt.

  2. tanner wickersham says:


  3. Cheyenne Deal says:

    Well written, woman.

  4. Nikki Lamb says:

    I agree 100%! If we are required to take it, it needs to be worth something. If you have to give up taking a class that’s actually worth credits, then PE should be worth something too. There is really no incentive to try because it doesn’t affect you in the end.

  5. shaun carpenter says:

    good job

  6. Charles Newell says:

    Exactly I understand that its a state law that we take it but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t get credit for it we work just as hard in that class as we do in every other class and we could have another class that’s actually worth a credit if we were busying taking that.

  7. Andrea Nelson says:

    i fully agree. if you have to do P.E anyway it will help out greatly if it counted towards GPA considering that its required

  8. Lisa Campbell says:

    I agree!!!! I like when you say “Some students are book smart, where as some may be physical smart, so why do we punish those students for being good at something else?” I think it’s a great point!!!!!

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